As I mentioned early last week, my younger brother, Sam, has officially joined our Seeing Hope Team. Here is his reflection from his first day last week. He and his girlfriend, Genevieve Ott, returned to DC yesterday to help Street Sense and get to know some incredible vendors. I will post her reflection soon! 


“I worked with Street Sense this Tuesday to help sell newspapers to the vendors. Each paper was sold for thirty-five cents, which was then sold by then vendors for an asking price of one dollar. These vendors, the homeless of our nation’s capital, use and value Street Sense as not only their job, but also their lifeline. I learned stories of success through Street Sense of people who were able to earn enough money to buy an apartment to support himself and his two kids. The vendors choose what to do with the money they earn, but I know that almost all of the vendors I met that day were putting the money towards necessities they need to continue being able to live.


I was given the opportunity to help interview a vendor named Sybil, a kind, loving woman that has worked with Street Sense for years. Learning her story of how she was once a model who turned into a hotel cleaner and eventually homeless was not only a humbling experience but also an inspiring one. Even though one might have so little, there is still hope. Hope that Street Sense provides these people to be able to work towards their goal of having better quality life.




I strongly encourage you, reader, that next time you see someone on the sidewalk trying to maybe sell you a paper or even panhandling you for money, think about their story and how they got to be where they are today. I found that it isn’t always a fair story or a story they could choose to avoid. But look for the Street Sense badge and make a donation, your money might be their saving grace.”  – Sam Evans