Sorry for posting this to the blog a day late. We released Veda’s video yesterday, the Fourth of July, to our YouTube subscribers and Facebook friends. Veda has been selling and working for Street Sense for the past six years. Since beginning her work with Street Sense she has accomplished five years of sobriety and is now housed with her six kitties! She is a truly remarkable woman who believes in paying it forward and giving back to her community. Her dream for the future is to move out to the country and own enough land to operate and animal rescue shelter. Veda is well known for her powerful voice and musical talent that she uses to brighten up the day of the many people who see her around Metro Center. Thank you to Anasa Sinegal for assisting in the interview for this video (Anasa is a PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill – she is writing her dissertation on street papers). Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th yesterday. Keep your eyes and ears open for Gary Minter’s video which will be coming in the next few days!