I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my Wednesday afternoon with Aida Peery, a Street Sense vendor, mom, and college graduate; and it is my great pleasure to share her story with you all. I hope you will be as inspired by her resilience as I was.

Faithful Okoye, a Street Sense intern who has gotten involved with the Seeing Hope project, introduced Aida to me. Aida is an incredible woman and her profile, written by Faithful, can be found in this issue of Street Sense.

Aida and I spent hours together on Wednesday afternoon having lunch and sharing each other’s stories. She is a remarkable woman and I am so inspired by her resilience and ability to have hope and strength despite dealing with things that were impossible to handle all at once. She has been selling Street Sense since September of 2011. When I asked her where she saw herself in her future she said, “I’m never going to stop selling Street Sense.. Even if I get another job, I’ll always come here and buy my papers to sell. It’s a good paper and there’s a lot of talented people involved”.

We also spent a lot of time speaking about her daughter who Aida is so proud of for graduating high school this year with high honors. Aida never graduated from a high school (she received her GED in 1984) so seeing her daughter accomplish such a milestone was a wonderful gift to her.

Enjoy the video. More updates and posts to come soon (promise!). Happy Friday!