Sense of Accomplishment

Day 2: Success!! Just as hot out today but no mic troubles! We had an awesome day working with David Denny near the Eastern Market today. Luckily we were also able to find Philip Black (“The Cat in the Hat”) for a re-do as wel! Accomplishment!

David Denny has been selling for and working with Street Sense for two years now. He says that Street Sense gives him that “sense of accomplishment” which he had been lacking before and selling the newspaper has allowed him to break out of the vicious cycle of drug dependency and unemployment. Keep your eyes and ears open for when we release his video on June 4th!!

Johnnie and I are both looking forward to lots of editing and our first day volunteering in the Street Sense office on Tuesday afternoon. Feel free to comment on this blog or email us with any questions!

Have a Happy Memorial Day! – Abby